April 9, 2000 - Welcome to our new STARSHIP Website !

We are very proud of our new design and would be delighted if you are just as happy.  It has been hard work behind the scene, since we not only switched to a new look from now on, but also redesigned the complete website with all existing journals. James, our Kiwi Boy, did a fantastic job putting it all together, every little idea that I threw at him was picked up, thought over, and incorporated into the site. 

Hopefully these changes will make the STARSHIP site more enjoyable and easier to use. Here's a few pointers on how the new site works.

You will find buttons on the navigation bar to the left that will help you find all the major sections of the new site. Where there are subsections they can be navigated using the 'pulldown' category menus on the upper right. Simply click and make your selection. 

To select previous journals simply go to journal button on the navigation bar on the far left of the screen. Choose 'journal'. To find the journal you would like to read  go to the pulldown menu on the top right of the screen. Choose then month first, then the date from the adjacent menu as illustrated to the right (this is a diagram not a working menu).

Remember that almost all pictures on the site, when clicked, will open a higher resolution picture. If you have a low resolution screen (640x480) and would like to see the entire picture you can right-click on the image with your mouse and select 'Open in New Window'.

The new website should be easier to find your way around but if at any point you find yourself lost, simply click on the ship in the upper left corner. That will take you back to the startup page. Emailing STARSHIP is also easier ... just click the email button on the bottom right of your screen.

If you are still having difficulty with the new website please email us and we (well probably James) will find a solution.  

Hooray for James !!!


Michael on behalf of the whole crew

For direct feedback email the STARSHIP crew

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