The STARSHIP crew write a journal daily capturing our perspective of the voyage. We hope you enjoy these personal views as much as we do. All photos are shot on location by Michael Poliza (if not otherwise noted). Use the menu above to select which journal entry you would like to read. Choose the month first, then the date.


Almost all of our pictures are taken digitally and we are very pleased with the image quality of our OLYMPUS digital cameras. Many PC's on board have PC-Card readers built in, so we can plug the memory cards right in. They will show up as a drive and the jpeg files on the cards can be read immediately into MICROSOFT FrontPage 2000, where we do our website editing. With the help of Deutsche Telekom we connect via High Speed Data Satellite with our ISP NEXUS in Portland Oregon (via Perth Australia and Raisting Germany). We dial in almost like a regular ISDN phoneline. Email collection and publishing the changes to the website can all happen while online for only a few minutes as this is no cheap internet connection (roughly US$12 per minute). Our marvelous SONY digital video cameras provide the short video clips available under the gallery section of this site. It is great to have the support of our sponsors and we like to thank them for their great support and wonderful cooperation.

To select previous journals simply go to journal button on the navigation bar on the far left of the screen. Choose 'journal'. To find the journal you would like to read  go to the pulldown menu on the top right of the screen. Choose then month first, then the date from the adjacent menu as illustrated to the right (this is a diagram not a working menu).

Remember that almost all pictures on the site, when clicked, will open a higher resolution picture. If you have a low resolution screen (640x480) and would like to see the entire picture you can right-click on the image with your mouse and select 'Open in New Window'.

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Digital images by OLYMPUS   
Made possible by MICROSOFT, OLYMPUS, SONY and Deutsche Telekom
In scientific cooperation with WWF, F.A. Brockhaus and DLR.