STARSHIP arrives.

'DIE REISE DER STARSHIP' documents in 320 pages the entire voyage including 37 feature articles on fascinating locations.

The book is currently only available in German language but talks are underway with English language publishers as well. Stay tuned for more.

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STARSHIP docked in Hamburg, Germany, at 1830 European Daylight Time, completing a 1009 day,  75 000 nautical mile voyage around the world.

The STARSHIP Millennium Voyage documented the state of our planet at the end of this Millennium and shared its discoveries with millions of people around the globe via satellite and the World Wide Web. With photographers and filmmakers onboard, STARSHIP traveled to many extremely remote places that can only be reached by ship.

Below is a highlight is chosen from the STARSHIP archives. Explore some of our best memories by clicking on the image to visit the location or refresh your browser to see another highlight.

This website remains online as a worldwide electronic resource and over the next week will be optimised to help you relive the voyage. We provide lots of interesting information in pictures, video, commentaries and insights that help you to explore this beautiful planet through the eyes of the team aboard.

Thanks to all those faithful followers who lived our adventure via the Internet. You made it possible and offered us encouragement in the good times and the bad. The feedback we have received over email in the last few days has been exceptional and humbling.

Use the link to the left to read the final journal ... more will be added in the next few days and we will update this site from time to time with new information about STARSHIP, the results of the project and endeavors of crew members. Stay tuned.

Michael Poliza