The STARSHIP MILLENNIUM VOYAGE is proud to announce their technology and science partners:

microsoft.gif (467 bytes) Germany has equipped the STARSHIP with the latest in software and networking technology. A  fine group of MICROSOFT employees coordinates the image/video/data collection and its transmission to the web.

olympus-small.gif (434 bytes) supplied STARSHIP with their digital cameras as well as microscopes for the scientists.

sony.gif (416 bytes)   Germany makes sure that STARSHIP has the latest in video and audio technology on board.  SONY also supplied a full digital editing suite for producing television updates from the STARSHIP in PAL and NTSC.    

DT Logo.gif (557 bytes) the largest German telecommunications company provides satellite bandwidth for video and image transmission and internet updates.

panda.gif (1364 bytes)We are especially proud to announce a close relationship with Umweltstiftung Deutschland and with wpe1.jpg (1320 bytes) . Both organisations provide scientific and research support.

The main media partner and a strong financial supporter is STERN Magazine of Hamburg, Germany. It is Europe’s largest news magazine with more than 7 million readers every week. It is a mixture of Newsweek and Time/Life with a strong pictorial content. STERN belongs to the Bertelsmann Group, which is one of the largest media companies worldwide.

STERN have itinerant photographers and a writers visiting STARSHIP in many locations. They cover both the voyage and the fascinating wildlife and cultures we encounter. Not only does it host the German Internet Site, but also covers the Voyage extensively in its print publication. Beside a weekly "Postcard from STARSHIP" they print multiple page articles every 5-8 weeks. 

Later in the project this website will move to Discovery Channel Online.


and the list is growing...

For direct feedback email the STARSHIP crew

Digital images by OLYMPUS   
Made possible by MICROSOFT, OLYMPUS, SONY and Deutsche Telekom
In scientific cooperation with WWF, F.A. Brockhaus and DLR.